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5 Interesting Facts About Beers

September 22, 2021

Beer has existed since the period of Sumerians around 4000 BCE. It is one of the most consumed alcohols around the world and is loved by many. Now, we know how it’s great to have a beer during celebrations, but here are Beer facts for you to enjoy happy hour guilt-free!

Health Benefits

Did you know that Beers have numerous benefits when consumed in moderation? Research shows that the high levels of antioxidants in alcoholic beverages can help to protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases. Secondly, Beers contain a rich source of silicon to strengthen your bones. Clinical studies have shown that drinking beer in moderation increases strength and bone density. Beers are also a great option to cope with stress and anxiety.

Low Calorie Option

There are many varieties of beers that differ in taste and alcoholic content. Do you want to avoid a beer belly? Opt for lower-calorie lager options that are refreshing and still taste just as good. If you enjoy sweet and flavourful lagers, Amber Nectars Lagers are a great alternative to go for instead. Their Hard Seltzer- Son Of A Peach has less than 99 calories, and their Mango Passionfruit Enhancer is an easy to mix drink. These drinks sound unBEERievable, but they are yours to enjoy!

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Upright is the way to store

Many of us keep our beer in the refrigerator to keep it chilled. Importantly, the position of how you store your beer matters. Ensure that your beer is not placed in a lying down position as that increases the surface area of the beer that comes in contact with air trapped in the bottle. This leads to the oxidation of your beer, diminishing the quality of the drink. Hence, always keep your beer in an upright position. It’s simple science!

The First Professional Beer Brewers Were Women

When we look at the history of beer brewing, it shows that women primarily engaged in brewing this alcoholic beverage. Their involvement dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, which is at least 4000 years ago, where women made and sold beer. Over the years, men started to dominate the beer industry when beers were commercialised to be sold.

Whiskey Comes From Beers?

This one is for all the Whisky and Beer lovers: Whisky is a liquid obtained from the distillation of base beer. Both Beer and Whiskey contain similar ingredients such as water, barley, and yeast. We have alcoholic drinks like Whiskey Pilsner and Charbay R5 as a product. Previously, people have paired low alcohol content beers with their whiskies which made both an excellent combination.

Beer is beneficial for our mental and physical health but remember to drink responsibly and in recommended amounts only. If you have any pre-existing health condition, it is best to talk to a doctor before consuming alcohol in general.

Hope you have learnt something new about beers and share these fun facts with your friends and family.

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