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Meet Our Incredible PartiMomagers and How to Collaborate With Them

Bryan Koh
May 21, 2024

Partipost is thrilled to introduce our selected PartiMomagers! 

After an extensive search, we are excited to welcome these six amazing moms who bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and dedication to our community. 

They will be curating exciting events and workshops for our PartiMom community. 

Here’s a closer look at each of them:

1. Elvinia Tay

Instagram: @elviniatay

TikTok: @elviniatay

Elvinia Tay is a proud mom of three wonderful kids—two boys aged 13 and 11, and a girl aged 5. With over a decade of experience as a radiographer in the healthcare industry, Elvinia has a strong interest in mammography. Her journey into content creation began purely by accident and curiosity in March 2020, when she had only 20+ followers on Instagram. Since then, she has grown her following to a modest 10.3k, with over 600 posts.

Elvinia loves sharing honest reviews of products and services related to moms and kids. Her content aims to help brands grow their presence while providing valuable information to her followers. She is known for her easy-going nature, reliability, and commitment to delivering satisfactory results on time.

2. Joanna Teh

Instagram: @Tehjoanna

TikTok: @Tehjoanna

Joanna Teh is a working mother of two children, aged 3 and 1. She enjoys creating content centered around their daily adventures, developmental milestones, and unique experiences. Her life is filled with exploration, new activities, and delicious meals, with a strong belief in the importance of play in childhood and learning.

Joanna's journey has led her to collaborate with numerous brands such as MamyPoko, Liloikan Bilis, Tourism Malaysia, DoDo Seafood, Friso, Aptamil, Ginvera, Arm & Hammer, BabyExpress, Tommee Tippee, and Philips Avent. Her content aims to inspire and connect with other parents who share similar experiences.

3. Navya Kottana

Instagram: @navyakottana

TikTok: @navyak76

Navya Kottana is a full-time mom to two handsome boys, aged 7 and 2. She is passionate about creating content on social media, where she shares a variety of topics including lifestyle, parenting, food, and beauty. Navya is active on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Over the past two years, Navya has collaborated with many brands, delivering content on time and building lasting partnerships. Some of the brands she has worked with include Iloveskininc, Airo Singapore,, Littleetoile.singapore, Drypers, and Baby Express. Navya is constantly learning and growing, eager to take on new challenges and opportunities.

4. Selena Tay


TikTok: @taymk8

Selena Tay is a dedicated working mother of three who finds joy in creating content that showcases her family's dynamics and lifestyle. Her content is a reflection of her love for her family and her passion for sharing their journey with others. Selena’s content includes family adventures, parenting tips, and lifestyle insights. 

She is committed to creating engaging and authentic content that resonates with her audience. Selena has collaborated with various brands, providing them with valuable exposure and connecting them with her engaged followers.

5. Vernece Loh

Instagram: @Vernece.lss

TikTok: @verneceloh

Vernece Loh is a mother of two and a full-time employee who understands the importance of balancing work, family, and personal interests. Her content creation showcases the joys of everyday life, whether it's trying out new experiences, exploring exciting destinations, or sharing moments of happiness with her family.

Vernece has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Danone, Nestle, Gerber, Pigeon, Medela, and Essilor. She believes in authenticity and transparency, aiming to connect with her audience on a genuine level while providing valuable insights and recommendations. Vernece is passionate about supporting startups and emerging brands, helping them gain exposure and recognition through her platform.

6. Shubhada B

Instagram: @Shub_SG

TikTok: @rainbowdiaries711

Shubhada B is a mom of two wonderful kids, a wife to her supportive husband, a full-time IT professional, and a natural multitasker. She is the founder of, one of Singapore's top lifestyle and family blogs, and an Instagram Creator @Shub_SG.

Her content focuses on parenting, beauty, gadget reviews, sustainability, and food. Shubhada has worked with top-notch brands like FairPrice, Disney, Lego, LG, The Fullerton Hotel, Lancôme, Galderma, Singtel, StarHub, Toys R Us, and Amazon Singapore. She is known for keeping her content real and relatable, connecting with her audience through authenticity.

The takeaway

Partipost is excited to have these six incredible PartiMoms join us as PartiMomagers. They bring diverse experiences and unique perspectives to our community. Follow them to stay updated on their latest content and join our PartiMom community to be part of the exciting events and workshops they will be curating.

Sign up to be a PartiMom here

Let's support these amazing moms and celebrate their journey as they continue to inspire and connect with others!

Bryan Koh