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Why Nano-Influencer Marketing?

Nano-influencer marketing can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions

High Engagement

This higher level of engagement can lead to a greater likelihood of conversions

Cost Effective

A more budget-friendly option for businesses that are looking to get the most bang for their buck

Targeted Reach

Businesses like yours can more effectively reach your target demographic

Our Solution

Supercharge Your Marketing with the Partipost Platform

Achieving your marketing objectives can be a complex and challenging task, but what if you are able to maximise your chances of success? At Partipost, you can leverage our network of influencers to achieve your KPIs.


Influencers with us


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We simplify how agencies work

Partipost provides the platform where businesses can directly connect with influencers.

Influencer Selection

Partipost has a network of influencers in various niches across the different tiers - think nano, micro, macro, making it easy for agencies to select the most suitable influencers for their clients' campaigns

Cost-effective solution

Agencies can use Partipost to create more cost-effective campaigns for their clients as nano-influencers are typically more affordable compared to the other tiers of influencers

Streamlined workflow

Partipost simplifies the process of running influencer campaigns by providing all the necessary tools and resources in one place, including campaign tracking and analytics, budget flexibility, and customer service

Scalable campaigns

By leveraging the large network of influencers at Partipost, agencies can create more scalable campaigns that can reach wider audiences, and deliver better returns on investment for their clients

Agency Partners

Success Stories

Inspiring Business Success Stories: Harnessing the Power of Partipost
Influencer Marketing Platform

Some of our favourites


Markerting Agencies

Marketing Agencies

100 Miles

With Partipost, 100 Miles identified effectively relevant influencers negotiated partnerships, and tracked results for their clients.





Through partnering micro-influencers, Jebra achieved their marketing goal successfully.


Small & Medium Enterprises


99 Speedmart

Through partnering micro-influencers, 99 Speedmart achieved their marketing goal successfully.


Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises


Through partnering micro-influencers, Dettol achieved their marketing goal successfully.


Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Through partnering micro-influencers, SPCA create awareness on animal welfare and promotes kindness to animals.

Partipost has been the perfect solution for our brand's influencer marketing needs. The platform has made it easy for us to find and collaborate with micro-influencers who are a perfect fit for our brand. We highly recommend Partipost to any brand looking to take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level

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Working with Partipost has been a fantastic experience. The platform has made it easy for us to find and collaborate with micro-influencers who are a perfect fit for our brand. The return on investment has been outstanding, and we look forward to continuing to work with Partipost for all of our influencer marketing needs.

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Becoming a Partiposter

We've made it easy for you to start your influencer journey in just a few clicks.

Earning Side Income

Leverage your social media and earn a side income without having to worry about it affecting your school or day job.

Easy to use & track

A dedicated app to look for and join paid campaigns. From submissions to payouts, everything will be done within the Partipost app.

Become a Partiposter

Long Term Brand Relationship

Grab the opportunity to build long-term relationship and collaborate with reputable brands on exciting campaigns

Supportive Community

Don't know how to start? Check out Partipost's Instagram page for guides, tips and tricks on how to become a Partiposter.

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