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Launched in 2018, it has since helped over 1,500 brands achieve their campaign KPIs, including renowned brands like GoJek, BliBli and Kopi Kenangan.


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Why work with Partipost?

Achieve KPIs

Partipost focuses on helping brands achieve their KPIs through influencer marketing. Marrying tech and influencer marketing, the platform allows for campaign scalability like never before.

All-in-One Platform

As a crowd influencer marketing platform, Partipost allows brands to connect with influencers across all tiers. With a mobile app and Campaign Manager dashboard, brands can launch campaigns at scale and with speed.

Pioneer in Nano-Influencer Marketing

With a niche in nano-influencers, your everyday consumers, Partipost is able to leverage on their authenticity, credibility and trust among their family and friends to help brands drive their marketing objectives.

Inspiring Business Stories

We have a few success stories to share with you

Case Studies


Partiposters have to take an expressive photo in portrait mode and share with their followers on the upcoming OPPO product launch.

Case Studies

Traveloka Xperience

Partiposters have to download and sign up through the TravelokaXperience app and encourage their followers to check the app out.

Case Studies


Partiposters have to share about BliBli's event, Sahabat Ibu Pintar 2nd Anniversary, and encourage their followers to check it out.

Case Studies


Partiposters have to try and review MsGlow's product and encourage their followers to check out the products.

Partipost has been the perfect solution for our brand's influencer marketing needs. The platform has made it easy for us to find and collaborate with micro-influencers who are a perfect fit for our brand. We highly recommend Partipost to any brand looking to take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you jump in, there might be a few questions that you need some answers for.

What is Partipost?

Partipost is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with everyday people and influencers by empowering them to share about the brands they love.

What service can Partipost provide for my brand?

With Partipost, you can

  • Run influencer marketing campaigns at scale and with speed
  • Collect, review and approve influencer content all in one platform
  • Run campaigns that can help you achieve your KPIs
  • Keep your brand safe with genuine profiles
Can my brand create a campaign on Partipost App?


You can go to “Request a demo” and answer a few questions to let us know you better and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Can I find a large number of nano-influencers to promote my brand products within the time limit?


Partipost has a network of over 900,000 influencers and a platform which allows for you to run campaigns across 8 markets concurrently. Once the campaign is launched, influencers who're keen on your brand/product/service can instantly participate in the campaign.

Can I check the progress and actual results of brand activities by myself?


With Partipost's Campaign Manager, you're able to check the progress of the campaign at any time, by yourself.


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