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Partiposters have to share the product’s USP and usage via Xiao Hong Shu (XHS) with their followers


Partiposters had to join the #TravelWithTraveloka Challenge on TikTok and to encourage their followers to join the challenge too


Corona 啤酒一直以來秉持著「This is Living」的品牌精神,搭上社群上這股chill風潮的順風車,透過與5位戶外型人選以品牌大使的模式合作,圖文不需刻意拍攝或提及產品,而是以自然真實的方式融入貼文中,更強調呈現出與朋友家人相聚、戶外活動後的歡愉時光,緊密結合品牌精神與大使們的風格,精準切入戶外活動的族群,長期高頻曝光及生動的內容,引起粉絲正面迴響,貼文平均互動數達到1,000以上。


Partiposters had to participate in GCash's GBirthday Dance Challenge and to encourage their followers to do so as well.


Partiposters had to create a recipe using Milo and share the recipe with their followers and encourage them to try as well.




Partiposters had to try the Pond's Age Ultimate Miracle Youth Essence and share a review with their followers and to let them know that it is available to purchase via Unilever TikTok shop




在市場上已具知名度龜記手搖飲品,透過nano kol/koc 每月持續曝光貼文,經營品牌長期#累積社群能見度,#設定鎖定台灣市場及來台旅遊的觀光商機,新品/週年活動內容可見宣傳速效。


Partiposters have to share about BliBli's event, Sahabat Ibu Pintar 2nd Anniversary, and encourage their followers to check it out.


Partiposters have to try and review MsGlow's product and encourage their followers to check out the products.


Partiposters have to take an expressive photo in portrait mode and share with their followers on the upcoming OPPO product launch.

Traveloka Xperience

Partiposters have to download and sign up through the TravelokaXperience app and encourage their followers to check the app out.

Adidas UEFA 8

Partiposters to share about Adidas's UEFA 8 deodorant spray and shower gel and include links of products on e-commerce platforms.

Wardah Beauty

Partiposters have to share about Wardah's 9.9 sale and drive their audience to Wardah's Office Store on Shopee.


Partiposter have to share about Swisse's Bright Skin Booster, Vegan Collagen Builder or High Strength Milk Thistle

An Digital Lock

Partiposters have to share attend a free consultation at AN Digital Lock's showroom and share about their products with their followers

Charles & Keith

Partiposters have to share about CHARLES & KEITH sponsored products (1 Bag + 1 Shoe) with their followers on TikTok


Partiposters have to share about ChopeDeals Buffet Marathon happening from 14 April to 13 May with their followers

Old Town White Coffee

Partiposters have to share about Old Town White Coffee's new menu and encourage their followers to try.

Case Study: MoneyOwl

Partiposters had to create an account on MoneyOwl, build their portfolio on DFA and share their experiences with their followers