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Launched in 2018, it has helped over 1,000 brands to achieve their campaign KPIs, including renowned brands like Lancôme, Gamania and GUIJI.


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Why work with Partipost?

Achieve KPI

Partipost focuses on helping brands achieve their KPIs through influencer marketing. Marrying tech and influencer marketing, the platform allows for campaign scalability like never before.

All-in-One Platform

As a crowd influencer marketing platform, Partipost allows brands to connect with influencers across all tiers. With a mobile app and Campaign Manager dashboard, brands can launch campaigns at scale and with speed.

Pioneer in Nano-Influencer Marketing

With a niche in nano-influencers, your everyday consumers, Partipost is able to leverage on their authenticity, credibility and trust among their family and friends to help brands drive their marketing objectives.

Inspiring Business Stories

We have a few success stories to share with you

Case Studies



Case Studies


在市場上已具知名度龜記手搖飲品,透過nano kol/koc 每月持續曝光貼文,經營品牌長期#累積社群能見度,#設定鎖定台灣市場及來台旅遊的觀光商機,新品/週年活動內容可見宣傳速效。

Case Studies



Case Studies


Corona 啤酒一直以來秉持著「This is Living」的品牌精神,搭上社群上這股chill風潮的順風車,透過與5位戶外型人選以品牌大使的模式合作,圖文不需刻意拍攝或提及產品,而是以自然真實的方式融入貼文中,更強調呈現出與朋友家人相聚、戶外活動後的歡愉時光,緊密結合品牌精神與大使們的風格,精準切入戶外活動的族群,長期高頻曝光及生動的內容,引起粉絲正面迴響,貼文平均互動數達到1,000以上。

Partipost has been the perfect solution for our brand's influencer marketing needs. The platform has made it easy for us to find and collaborate with micro-influencers who are a perfect fit for our brand. We highly recommend Partipost to any brand looking to take their influencer marketing efforts to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you jump in, there might be a few questions that you need some answers for.

What is Partipost?

Partipost is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with everyday people and influencers by empowering them to share about the brands they love.

Is Partipost Free to download?

Yes. No contract signing is required. Just download the Partipost App, and you can join Partipost!

How long does the review process usually take?

Campaign registration requires queuing for review and has a limited number of participants. The qualification for campaign registration is expected to be reviewed within two weeks. If you receive a formal campaign invitation, please remember to accept it within the given timeframe and complete the tasks as soon as possible!

If you do not receive any notification after two weeks, it is likely that the campaign is already full, and your registration will no longer be approved. You can increase your chances of approval by signing up for other campaigns that you are interested in!

*Reminder: If you fail to respond to the campaign invitation within the given timeframe, you will be unable to complete the task and will need to wait for the qualification review again.

Why can’t I continue some tasks in the campaign?

1. Each step requires approval from the previous step before proceeding to the next one. For example, if the second step "Post on Instagram and submit the post link" is not approved, you cannot proceed to the third step "Performance report."

2. If a step in the event has expired, you can send a private message to the official LINE account with the complete event name and a screenshot of that step. The support team will assist you with the issue.

Why can't I upload photos or videos?

Please take note of the following restrictions for photos and videos. If the file size is too large, you can compress it before re-uploading it to the app.

⚠️ Supported file formats: jpg, png, jpeg, mp4, 3gp, avi, ogg, mov, mpg, webp, webm
⚠️ File size limit for photos: 40MB, videos: 100MB
⚠️ You can submit a maximum of 20 photos or videos at once.

Why do tasks sometimes suddenly disappear or go missing?

You can go to the "Partipost" located in the middle of the bottom section of the app. If you still can't find the task, it may be because the activity has not submitted any content, causing it to be unavailable after the expiration. In that case, you can send a private message to the official LINE account with the complete name of the campaign and ask for assistance.

*Friendly reminder: After the activity's submission deadline has been extended, remember to refresh the app to avoid viewing the expired screen.

Can I cancel the campaign myself?

You can send a private message to the official Line account with the complete name of the campaign. Once the event organizer confirms the cancellation, you can delete the "Pending" tasks in the "Creator Tasks" section. Afterward, you won't be able to register for this event again.

How can I check the expected withdrawal date for the campaign?

You can check the withdrawal date for the funds by clicking on "Payout Details" within the event.

How can I withdraw the funds?

① Click on "Me" in the bottom right corner of the app, then select "Add Account."
② Fill in your personal banking information.📢All payment data and processing are encrypted and protected, so you can rest assured!
③ After completing the event, according to the schedule arranged by the brand, you will be able to withdraw the funds within one month after the event ends. If the event progress shows "View Bonus Details," you can click "Withdraw Now" to withdraw the funds. The funds will be transferred to your linked bank account within 5-7 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). The transaction details will also be displayed in the app, providing a clear, convenient, and secure withdrawal process!

⚠️The minimum withdrawal amount is $360 NTD.
⚠️A 5% handling fee will be deducted from each withdrawal.

Why is the payout displayed on the app different from the actual fee?

For public campaigns, the payout displayed on the app is the maximum payout. In the case of performance-based billing events, the app displays the maximum potential payout. After completing the campaign, the actual payout will consist of the base payout plus additional bonus payments. You can click on "View Payout Details" to see the complete bonus information.

For invitation events sent through official LINE/IG notifications, the app displays the base bonus, and the actual bonus will be based on the "Formal Notification" provided, which specifies the bonus payment.


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