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The IG Reels Advantage: Skyrocketing View Rates in Influencer Marketing

In this article, we delve into how Heinz strategically utilised IG Reels as their primary channel, effectively collaborating with influencers to create an impactful campaign that resonated with their target audience.

How Subway Utilised Macro, Micro, and Nano Influencers to Drive a Viral Challenge

Macros? Micros? Nanos? Which kind of influencer should a brand utilise to generate the best results? Putting other factors such as cost aside, having a carefully curated strategy in choosing influencers that represent your brand is very crucial. Discover how Subway utilised a combination of macro, micro, and nano influencers to achieve impressive results in their "The Big Bold Bites Challenge" campaign.

Stepping Up the Game: New Balance's Successful Nano Ambassador Campaign

Running a nano ambassador campaign seems like a daunting leap of faith for any brand. Read on to find out how sports mogul New Balance achieved success through such a campaign.

Small But Mighty: How Nano Influencers Deliver Quality and Quantity for Coconut Queen

Case Study: Dive into the nano influencer marketing strategy we curated for Coconut Queen and how it impacted their overall brand awareness!