Streamlining influencer collaborations with Partipost Campaign Manager

Manage your campaigns more seamlessly through Partipost’s easy-to-use campaign manager. Leading you hand in hand to achieve a better experience in creating and launching influencer campaigns.

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Creating a campaign

Create customized campaigns for your brand needs

Our experts will be there to help you create the most suitable campaign based on your objectives and target market. Your campaign, your choice!

Targeting your demographics

Find the right fit of influencers to suit your campaign strategy

Without the hassle of going through our extensive list of nano-influencers, our platform would intelligently filter the list which suits you best.

Setting your goals & incentives

Incentivise your influencers by selecting the right criteria and goals

By incentivizing influencers with the right criteria and goals, you can create a thriving influencer marketing ecosystem. Define relevant criteria, set clear goals, tailor incentives, and foster collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns

Monitor your campaign

Understand your campaign performance with our complete post-campaign reporting

Partipost provides post-campaign reporting to assess the real impact of your campaigns, allowing you to make accurate comparisons and improvements for your next campaign.

All features

Streamlined Communication

We provide you a simple and transparent way to communicate with the influencers for your campaign. No more spending hours behind the screen negotiating back and forth.

Payment Management

Payment to influencers will be taken care of within the platform upon completion of campaign. We save you hours of manual payments and calculations.

Support and training

We offer resources and support to help brands get the most out of their campaigns, including training materials, best practices, and dedicated customer support.

All-in-One Platform

All in one platform where you can review influencer's submission, give feedback and approvals. We provide a simplified way to manage your influencer campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you jump in, there might be a few questions that you need some answers for.

What is Partipost?

Partipost is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with everyday people and influencers by empowering them to share about the brands they love.

What service can Partipost provide for my brand?

With Partipost, you can

  • Run influencer marketing campaigns at scale and with speed
  • Collect, review and approve influencer content all in one platform
  • Run campaigns that can help you achieve your KPIs
  • Build brand trust with authentic influencer profiles
Can my brand create a campaign on Partipost App?


You can go to “Request a demo” and answer a few questions to let us know you better and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Can I find a large number of nano-influencers to promote my brand products withing the time limit?


Partipost has a network of over 900,000 influencers and a platform which allows for you to run campaigns across 8 markets concurrently. Once the campaign is launched, influencers who're keen on your brand/product/service can instantly participate in the campaign.

Can I check the progress and actual results of brand activities by myself?


With Partipost's Campaign Manager, you're able to check the progress of the campaign at any time, by yourself.

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