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Are you constantly posting on social media? Are you always tagging brands in your OOTDs or tagging restaurants/cafes when you dine there? If these resonates with you, you should definitely be a Partiposter!

Partipost makes it easy for everyone to earn by sharing about the brands they love on social media. To kickstart your journey, download and sign up for a Partipost account, pick a campaign that you're keen and meet the requirements of, and follow the instructions to start Partiposting.

How to Partipost

We've made it easy for you to start your influencer journey in just a few clicks.
Step 01

Download Partipost App

Your first step to becoming a Partiposter, the app has all the information you'll need to start joining campaigns.

Step 02

Register an Account

By signing up for a Partipost account, you open the door to a world of brand collaborations tailored to your interests. Remember to verify your email address to start Partiposting.

Step 03

Browse and Select the Campaigns You’re Interested In

By joining the platform, you'll gain access to a wide range of campaign opportunities tailored to your interests and passions. Collaborate with brands, earn rewards, and unleash your influencer potential.

Step 04

Snap, Post, Earn!

Showcase your creativity, engage with your audience, and earn rewards for your content. Don't wait - start your Partiposter journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you jump in, there might be a few questions that you need some answers for.

What are the requirements to be a Partiposter?

Typically at least 200 - 500 followers on Instagram. You should be at least 17 years old and hold a valid bank account.

How do I join campaigns?

1. Download and sign up for the Partipost app, ensure your email is verified to complete the registration process.
2. Browse the Campaigns page to see all of the ongoing campaigns
3. Select the campaign you're interested in, ensure meet the profile requirements and can commit to the timelines.
4. Follow the instructions on the brief to start doing the campaign!

When I will receive the payment?

Payout deadlines are stated for every campaign. Tap on 'View Payout Details' under the payout on the campaign to see.

Are there any specific guidelines to follow as a Partiposter?

1. Ensure your Partiposter profile is up to date, especially your social media handles and follower counts.
2. Read the campaign brief, ensure you're aware of the instructions given and the campaign timelines.
3. Submit your content on time.
4. Post your approved content on time.
5. Submit your content engagements on time.
6. Ensure your in-app notifications are turned out so that you won't miss out on campaign updates.

How can I track my campaign performance and earnings as a Partiposter?

To track campaigns participation, tap 'Partiposts' in the app, you'll be able to view campaigns you've joined but not completed and campaigns that are awaiting payout. You can also tap on 'All' to see all campaigns you've joined historically.

To check earnings, tap 'Me' on the app, you'll be able to see you current balance in the Partipost wallet, you can tap 'Transaction History' to see the list of campaigns that have paid out.

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