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2023 in Review and Future Insights with Jonathan Eg, Partipost CEO

Bryan Koh
December 26, 2023

As we approach the final week of 2023, we seized the opportunity to catch up with Jonathan Eg, affectionately known as Jon by most of us, for an insightful Q&A session.

Following the interview, we delve into reflections on the past year, gaining valuable insights into the company's future direction, along with some personal perspectives on what lies ahead for him.

In the past year, we have gained tremendous insight into the influencer marketing landscape, collaborating with major brands, SMEs, government and general agencies, and connecting with over 1,000,000 influencers on our Partipost app. From the various creative campaigns to exciting deliverables, we are eager to discover what Jon has planned for 2024.

You can connect with, follow, and message Jon on LinkedIn.

Q: Hey Jon, how’s it going? As we approach the end of 2023, are you prepared to bring the year to a close?

J: It has been quite fulfilling. I've been occupied catching up with clients, and colleagues, and, most importantly, spending quality time with family and friends as we approach the year-end, particularly during the holiday season. The team has been actively closing year-end deals and putting the finishing touches on campaigns to ensure a joyous conclusion to 2023. Despite the long, demanding, and challenging year, I'm pleased with the overall outcome, and the team's hard work has been commendable.

Q: That’s great to hear! How did the company's goals and priorities evolve over the course of 2023?

J: Throughout 2023, while our overarching goals remained relatively consistent, there were strategic shifts. We aimed to establish stronger partnerships with agencies rather than focusing solely on direct clients. Additionally, we emphasised increased training initiatives with our partner agencies, aiming to empower them for smoother execution. The goal is to expedite processes by ensuring agencies are well-versed in utilising our dashboard and tools, reducing reliance on direct communication with our team. This strategic direction is something we anticipate carrying forward into the upcoming year.

Q: In what ways did the team adapt to changes or disruptions in the business landscape?

J: Our team is consistently forward-thinking, adapting to challenges like operating with limited resources or a shortage of personnel. With the rapid growth juxtaposed against a stagnant economy marked by significant workforce reductions in other tech companies this year, our team embraced a proactive approach. We encourage them to explore innovative solutions, stepping out of their comfort zones to enhance their skill sets. The operations team, for instance, shifted from traditional onboarding calls to creating an onboarding video, a strategic move to improve services and scale up efficiently. Across the board, our team demonstrated resourcefulness and adaptability in navigating this challenging landscape.

Q: This next question is a good one. Share a moment where you thought, “This is a disaster,” and describe how you overcame it.

J: Achieving regional alignment poses a considerable challenge. Each country operates with its own local team, distinct guidelines, and sales SOPs, shaped by unique cultural nuances and rules. The intricacies of these differences often spark discussions between regional and local teams to foster mutual understanding. I recall a moment where I felt it was crucial to step back personally and allow the team to address the challenges independently—an approach I believe in. However, finding the right balance between active involvement and allowing autonomy is also a personal challenge. Resolving this required open discussions with the team, encouraging them to collaborate and find solutions collectively. It's an ongoing journey to strike the right balance.

Q: Share your ideal influencer criteria.

J: I don’t think there’s a perfect image or person, but my ideal influencer falls into the category of a nano-influencer who consistently delivers exceptional content and quality. What would make them ideal is their ability to craft engaging captions, follow instructions, and produce captivating photographs. Brands are drawn to influencers who not only showcase authenticity but also align seamlessly with their values, and these qualities make the collaboration mutually beneficial.

Q: What are your personal takeaways or reflections on your leadership journey in 2023?

J: Reflecting on my leadership journey, one key takeaway I've emphasised to my team is the importance of shared responsibility, trust, and confidence in each other. While I acknowledge that teams have individual focuses and KPIs to achieve, it's crucial to recognise that the company's overarching goal is a shared vision. Collaboration across teams is essential—cultivating awareness, fostering a positive culture, understanding the work of others, and displaying adaptability and empathy. Metrics serve as our guideposts, grounding us, but ultimately, the value the company and the team provide is what ensures satisfaction for our brands and influencers. It's about understanding the company's objectives and appreciating the journey to achieve both metrics and meaningful impact.

Q: What is one thing that you have learned as an individual this last year?

J: As an individual, a lesson I've learned this past year is the importance of trusting people more, entrusting them with responsibilities, and equipping them with the right tools. Embracing a willingness to take chances on various endeavours has been a key learning point. Specifically, I've elevated my LinkedIn presence this year, a decision prompted by my team's convincing pitch. It turned out to be one of the most successful endeavours of the year.

Q: Last question. What’s next for Jonathan Eg?

J: In 2024, my focus will be on nurturing the growth of specific countries, channelling my time and effort into ensuring their success because I believe in the growth potential. At the forefront of our company goals is the aspiration to enhance self-service capabilities for agencies and brands. Something I’ve always enjoyed is product development, so I plan to dive into it with the team and the technological aspects of our operations. My philosophy has always been to embrace new and exciting ventures with enthusiasm and without hesitation. As for my leadership approach, I am dedicated to taking my team to the next level by instilling confidence, fostering a thriving environment, and providing the necessary platform for trial and error.

Bryan Koh