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Small But Mighty: How Nano Influencers Deliver Quality and Quantity for Coconut Queen

Lynette Chua
April 19, 2023

The client

Coconut Queen is the go-to brand for delicious and high-quality coconut shakes made from only the freshest coconuts sourced from top plantations in the region. It's no wonder that their one-of-a-kind, creamy shakes have swiftly become a go-to option for anyone seeking a revitalising and fulfilling drink in Singapore.

Plus, did you know that Coconut Queen has various stalls islandwide? Some are located in heartland neighbourhoods, while others are in shopping malls, making them easily accessible for everyone. (Fun fact: The same company that owns Gong Cha also owns Coconut Queen.)

The objective

In this case study, we're going to dive into how Coconut Queen amped up their brand awareness and showed off their vast array of tasty drinks. Their goal was to make their drinks a part of people's everyday lives and set themselves apart from the competition using nano influencers in Singapore.

Coconut Queen's best selling flavours

The approach (and influencer’s brief)

Coconut Queen's beverages are thirst-quenching and come in delicious and distinct flavours, ranging from the classic original to more exotic options like jackfruit and lychee.

To showcase Coconut Queen's wide range of flavours, we collaborated with nano influencers with followings between 200 and 4,999. We chose to work with nano influencers because they're everyday people, just like Coconut Queen's target audience. These influencers also have highly engaged audiences who trust their recommendations, making them the perfect fit to help spread the word about Coconut Queen's offerings.

Step 1: Purchasing the drink

The influencers were free to choose a flavour they liked among the 11 available options to feature in their posts as part of our campaign brief. It allowed for a diverse and authentic representation of Coconut Queen's drink offerings across the influencers' social media platforms.

To kick off the campaign, we asked our nano influencers to purchase the drinks first, which turned them into customers and allowed their followers to see the delicious drinks in action. This ensured that there was a direct conversion to sales from the get-go.

Partiposter's content for the Coconut Queen Campaign

Step 2: Showcasing the product in an Instagram post

The guidelines required the influencers to clearly show the purchased drink and display the Coconut Queen logo. They had five options for their posts:

  1. Taking a selfie with the beverage,
  2. A candid shot of them drinking on the go,
  3. A freestyle shot with a friend or family member,
  4. A photo of the beverage against an aesthetically pleasing background with the Coconut Queen logo behind,
  5. OR a fun shot with multiple drinks.

We suggested these five photo ideas in line with Coconut Queen's objective to portray their drinks as a part of people's everyday lives, enjoyed on the go, or shared with friends and family. By offering multiple options, they had the creative freedom to choose a photo idea that suited their style, showcasing how Coconut Queen's beverages can fit into any lifestyle or occasion. By partnering with various nano influencers, Coconut Queen was able to showcase their vast range of flavours to a broader audience and attract new customers. Our approach encouraged engagement and user-generated content while showcasing the variety and deliciousness of Coconut Queen's drinks.

The results

After a month's worth of submission and posting period, we analysed the data and content generated, with the results below:

  • Total Number of Posts = 100 IGP
  • Cumulative Reach (followers) = More than 300K
  • Total Engagement = 35K
  • Average Partiposter Engagement Rate = Around 17%
  • Cost per Engagement = $0.04

The Cost per Engagement is a crucial metric in measuring the effectiveness of the Coconut Queen campaign. It indicates the amount of money spent on each interaction or engagement, such as a like, comment, or share.

In this case, the cost per engagement was $0.04, which means that for every engagement, the company spent only four cents. It is a remarkable achievement and highlights the efficiency of the campaign. The lower the cost per engagement, the higher the return on investment (ROI) and the more cost-effective the campaign is. A low cost per engagement shows that the campaign can generate a lot of interest and interaction without spending a lot of money.

Going beyond numbers with quality engagements

The success of the Coconut Queen campaign went beyond just numbers. The emphasis was on the quality of engagement. By featuring Coconut Queen's drinks in their social media posts, these influencers ignited conversations on where to find the beverage and the taste of the different flavours.

Their posts generated significant comments, which the influencers could engage with, highlighting the importance of their role in promoting and creating a sense of community around the brand. As seen in the posts from two influencers, the comments were abundant and full of genuine interest in the drink flavours.

Engaging comments under our Partiposter's content

This result reinforces that nano influencers (or everyday people) have a closer relationship with their followers, and their content generates more meaningful conversations and higher engagement rates.

Lynette Chua