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5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Try in 2023

October 28, 2022

There is no denying that influencer marketing trends come and go. However, some are worth trying if that would mean having a solid online presence for your brand with the help of the right influencers.

More and more brands are investing at least 30% of their marketing budget in influencer marketing. That's because customers often discover brands and products through social media these days. They also use these online platforms to read or watch product reviews, tutorials, or unboxing videos.

On the other hand, early adopters of influencer marketing enjoy the long-term dividends of having a robust social media presence. That's because influencers help brands raise product awareness and drive conversion.

Suppose you want to maximise your influencer marketing strategy. In that case, we suggest you try these five influencer marketing trends we will likely see in 2023.

Running More Cause-related Marketing

Brands have been pushing cause-related marketing since 2020. This tactic allows them to raise funds or spread awareness about an organisation or movement that helps the community.

Why would cause-related marketing be important in 2023? One reason is that consumers want to see how brands address social and environmental issues.

Nando's Singapore is an excellent example of a business that pushes cause-related marketing.

Nando's launched a 'Pay as You Wish' campaign to celebrate the nationwide makeover of their eight restaurants in Singapore. For a day, customers enjoyed their favourite Peri-Peri Chicken. At the same time, 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Yellow Ribbon Foundation.

You can do the same for your brand. However, you can level up your campaign with the help of influencers. You can connect with them to spread the word about your cause, so their followers become aware of it.

Producing Hyper-specific Posts for Maximum Relevance

More and more influencers are going hyper-niche these days. Thus, brands must consider making their products relatable to influencers and their followers.

Back then, there were only fashion influencers. Nowadays, you will likely encounter a budget-friendly fashion influencer like @anabudget or a sustainable fashion influencer like @jsmntuan on Instagram.

annabudget budget fashion influencer - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost
Jasmine Tuan sustainable fashion influencer - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost

Anna of @anabudget showcases quality clothing pieces from popular brands and local boutiques. What makes her stand out is that she is not afraid to use these clothing items repeatedly. She even posted a photo of her son wearing the same overalls and shoes her husband wore!

On the other hand, Jasmine of @jsmntuan is keen on promoting her non-profit, thrifting, and clothes swapping. Her post includes tips on responsibly donating old clothes and thrift stores where you can buy or trade quality pieces.

Fortunately, a fast fashion brand can still work with someone like Anna or Jasmine. One way to do that is to let the influencer wear and style any of your clothing items in three different ways. This kind of campaign encourages their followers to:

  1. Buy quality clothing pieces so they can reuse them for years
  2. Mix and match various items to make a new look so they will not need to buy another dress whenever needed.

The key is figuring out how to make niche influencers patronise your brand and products.

Going Viral with the Help of Nano Influencers

Building long-term relationships with nano influencers is another trend we will see in the coming years. That's because they represent your target customers best, drive better engagement, and are an excellent way to build a community for your brand.

One reason is that consumers trust nano influencers more than celebrities. They are everyday people who promote products they only use. Hence, nano influencers are deemed authentic and approachable. Their posts are also seen as product recommendations and not an endorsement.

Another reason is that you can build product awareness at scale and with speed. You can do this by spending $1,000 of your marketing budget working with 50 nano influencers than one or two macro influencers.

The more influencers talk about your product, the faster you can build a community of consumers who would be interested in buying. One of the top reasons people buy products is because a couple of influencers recommended them.

Impact of Influencers on Consumer Behaviour - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost

Long-term partnerships with a network of nano influencers can accelerate conversions and help you achieve your marketing goals more quickly.

Repurposing Influencer-generated Content

Gone are the days when content repurposing was an afterthought. Moving forward, maximising influencer-generated content should be part of your campaign strategy.

For one, Gen Z consumers discover new products on social media during the third quarter of 2022 alone. Second, many brands are using this tactic because it works for them. So why stop now?

Content repurposing is gaining momentum because it allows you to have a content repository. You can repost influencer-generated content on your social media profiles, use it for your online ads, or create an image gallery on your website. What's great about this is that you do not have to spend time and money producing them because the influencers can do it for you!

authentic product reviews from influencers - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost
authentic product reviews from influencers - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost

Influencer-generated content is also an excellent way to drive authentic and genuine product reviews. You can use these reviews as proof of what customers say about your product and how it can benefit them.

Repurposing influencer-generated content allows you to work smart for your brand.

Leveraging One-click Purchases

As previously mentioned, an increasing number of people discover products on social media. With Facebook and Instagram having shoppable post features, we will likely see more and more consumers buying products straight from social media in the future.

Instagram Shoppable Post - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost
Instagram Shoppable Post - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost

This trend shows that people are expanding their purchasing opportunities. They are no longer limited to buying from a physical or online store. It also allows them to purchase products across borders. On the other hand, shoppable posts and the much-anticipated Instagram Checkout enable you to expand your market reach.

If you have not used Facebook or Instagram shoppable posts on your influencer marketing campaign, now is the time to test the waters.

IG Shopping From Creators - Influencer Marketing Trends - Partipost

The Shopping from Creators feature on Instagram allows influencers to tag a product they used in their post. If this feature is not yet available for your brand and your network of influencers, a great workaround is to tag you on their post. Tapping your username can lead followers to your brand's Instagram account, where they can discover a link to your online store.

This may sound cumbersome, but this workaround enables influencers to showcase your products still and build brand awareness. Running this kind of campaign can also help boost your online sales.

What Instagram Marketing Trends Would You Like to Try in 2023?

Influencer marketing will remain among the most powerful marketing tools you can use for your brand in 2023. However, it will help if you also keep in mind that the way consumers experience this promotional tactic is changing.

Thus, it can help if you try these influencer marketing trends in 2023:

  1. Running more cause-related marketing
  2. Producing hyper-specific posts for maximum relevance
  3. Going viral with the help of nano influencers
  4. Maximising influencer-generated content
  5. Leveraging on one-click purchases

Do you need help in leveraging these influencer marketing trends effectively? Contact us today and discover how Partipost can help your brand build a solid online presence.