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An SME Series: How A-Team Pest Control Leveraged the Power of TikTok with Nano-Influencers

Bryan Koh
March 5, 2024

The client

A-Team Pest Control is renowned for its effective pest control solutions across Singapore. Whether dealing with rodents, mosquitoes, or other medically significant arthropod pests, they are prepared to address any pest issue swiftly and proficiently at your location. Their Pest Control Team employs a dynamic approach, constantly refining their methodologies to ensure the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency in eradicating disease vectors.

The objectives

The campaign aimed to:

  • Establish a strong and engaging presence on TikTok.
  • Enhance brand visibility and recognition across all social media platforms.

What was the campaign brief?

In this campaign, selected influencers will have the opportunity to book a General Pest Control Inspection for their homes, a service valued between $50 to $120.

Post-inspection, they then have to create a TikTok video that brings the experience to life for their followers.

In their TikTok video, influencers are given the following direction and requirements:

• The video could be a glimpse into the inspection process or their initial reactions and review of the service.

• Use only commercial sounds approved for branded content on TikTok, ensuring to activate the branded content toggle for their video.

• Share their personal highlights of the service, focusing on aspects like availability, expertise, cost-efficiency, or the professionalism and friendliness of the team.

• Include voice overs or text overlays to give their audience a clear understanding of why A-Team Pest Control stands out, incorporating any of these USPs:

1) The provision of e-service reports post-service, offering insights into the work done and recommendations for ongoing pest management.

2) A specialised pest inspection and detailed report service for new homeowners of landed properties, ensuring peace of mind regarding termite infestations before real estate transactions.

3) Details on Termite treatments, tailored according to the type received, to highlight A-Team's comprehensive pest control solutions.

Utilising Nano-Influencers to Generate Conversations on TikTok

In our approach with A-Pest Team Control, a small to medium enterprise (SME) with a modest budget, we tapped into our SME-friendly strategies. These include a templated plan featuring a reduced service fee, designed to make influencer marketing accessible without the option for targeted audience selection. This opens the door to real, everyday experiences reaching a broad audience.

For this campaign, we focused on leveraging nano-influencers, whose authentic shares about A-Team's pest control services sparked meaningful conversations on TikTok. This platform was chosen for its potent search and discovery capabilities, aligning perfectly with A-Pest Control's objectives to enhance brand visibility and educate potential customers about USPs and quality service.

By showcasing these elements through TikTok's dynamic content, we not only highlighted A-Pest Control's offerings but also engaged viewers in an informative and captivating way. The success of this strategy was underscored when one of the posts gained viral attention, further amplifying A-Pest Control's message and driving brand awareness on a grand scale.

The results

Despite a small number of Partiposters, the campaign exceeded the proposed results:

• Exceeded expectations with a modest budget for the A-Team Pest Control campaign.

• Selected 18 nano-influencers, achieving over 68k reach.

• Remarkable 78.1% engagement-view rate, indicating high viewer interaction and content resonance.

• Over 2,800 bookmarks, suggesting strong viewer interest in utilising A-Team Pest Control's services.

• 366 shares from 18 TikTok videos, enhancing brand visibility and recognition through extended reach. Shares on TikTok indicate content virality and appeal, fostering community engagement.

The takeaway from this campaign

This campaign, powered by the authenticity of nano-influencers on TikTok, has not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing the remarkable potential of influencer marketing for SMEs.

The success of this initiative underlines the power of genuine content to foster deep connections with audiences, drive brand awareness, and showcase service USPs in a relatable, engaging manner. 

If this case study inspires you to explore the world of influencer marketing, Partipost is here to guide you through every step of your journey.

Contact us at Partipost today and start your influencer marketing journey.

Bryan Koh