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Behind The Scenes: How the Partipost Product Team Works

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April 28, 2019

Partipost is turning 2 years old this year! Take a look at how far we’ve come within the last year:

  • We launched the app, so you no longer have to submit your photos via email or receive payments manually.
  • We partnered with over 100 brands to launch 500+ campaigns.
  • We launched Partipolls, a section where you can have your say and submit your interest for future campaigns.

There are many more features to come as we work on improving the app. An entire team is dedicated to the app, day in, day out — all so that we can create a better Partiposting journey for you!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the app that (we hope!) you love, read on to find out more.

What’s the Partipost product team like?

The team consists of a team lead/CTO, two software engineers, a UI designer, and a UX researcher.

Who are these people and what do they do?

The team lead manages the whole team and develops roadmaps with Partipost’s stakeholders. This decision is made based on recommendations from our users, recurring problems in the app, feedback from the Partipost team, and lots more.

(Psst: Want to talk to us about your experience using the app? Send us an email at!)

In addition to managing the product team, the CTO sets the strategic vision for the app. This involves setting timelines of future releases, ensuring that each improvement we make communicates our business values accurately.

The software engineers bring our ideas to life with tangible lines of code that make up the Partipost app. They build features that we can see and use on our mobile interfaces, making sure that everything works well and fixing bugs as soon as they’re detected.

Besides that, they’re also responsible for maintaining a secure database, keeping our servers running smoothly, and setting up analytics for the rest of the product team.

This specialised role calls for copious amounts of focus and effective teamwork, so that they always see eye to eye on things. We can’t have a mismatch from the two systems, or else everything will break! This is where you can see how valuable a culture fit is for a small startup like Partipost.

The UI designer pushes pixels around to design everything you see in-app and on the website. He’s responsible for maintaining brand identity, placement of elements, and everything from wireframing and prototyping. As a consumer-facing company, we understand the need for a beautiful, functional, and seamless interface. Partipost has a certain look and feel that we like to keep consistent, and our designer makes that possible!

Of course, none of that means anything if our platform isn’t functional. The UI designer always keeps in mind to create designs that improves our overall user experience from feedback gathered from the team and users of Partipost.

Finally, the UX researcher bridges the gap between Partiposters and the product team, acting as the main point of contact for collecting feedback about the app. She frequently runs testing sessions surrounding the app to identify and report issues that you might face on a day-to-day basis. We consider feedback from Partiposters very seriously – so having a dedicated member of the team to work on understanding these problems helps tremendously in tackling the biggest issues first.

The UX researcher serves as the voice of the users within the team. Having direct contact with Partiposters like yourself helps us get to know you on a more personal level instead of just numbers on a screen, which goes a long way in helping us understand you better.

What’s your process like?

The team lead picks a bunch of issues to fix based on the company’s current priorities. As research is continuously being done by the UX researcher, more issues surrounding the app surface, which adds to the backlog of things to be improved on.

Everyone has a role to play in team discussions to find out the best way to solve problems. In striving to achieve the best possible product we can build, solutions are constantly being validated through the appropriate research methods – sometimes even before it’s been completely prototyped. When the findings validate our ideas, the designer then implements it for everyone to review. Once approved by the team, the software engineers then get together to execute the solution based on their expertise. We work in two-week sprints, so this repeats every two weeks!

We hope you now have a deeper understanding of how the product team gets things done! One of Partipost’s key values is Positive Transparency, and we encompass this in everything we do – starting from letting you know that we’re always looking to improve, and the process behind getting to where we want to be.

We want to make every version we deploy better than the last. Any feedback is appreciated whether you’re an active Partiposter, have only submitted one or two posts, or are completely new to the app. If you’d like to help us achieve a great user experience, we’re always looking for beta testers! You get the chance to participate in exclusive tests for new app features and designs, do surveys, and work closely with the Partipost team. We offer incentives for every session we hold, and who knows? We might even implement your suggestions to the app! Now, how many people can actually say that they drive direct impact to an app that they use?

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