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Boosting Product Awareness: Timezone's Success with Influencer Marketing

Bryan Koh
March 26, 2024

The client

Established in 1978, the first Timezone Family Entertainment Centre opened in Perth, Western Australia. Unlike the traditional pinball parlours and pool halls of the era, Timezone was the first family oriented video amusement facility. This family emphasis is still a key focus of the brand today.

The objectives

The campaign objectives include:

  • Raising awareness for Timezone's Limited Edition Collectable Pouches through a targeted product-focused campaign.
  • Increasing visibility and anticipation for an upcoming promotional campaign.
  • Increasing foot traffic to the multiple Timezone outlets islandwide. 

What was the campaign brief?

The campaign centred on showcasing Timezone's Limited Edition Collectable Pouches, featuring four unique designs: Curry Puff, Tutu Kueh, Otah and Ice Cream.

To maximise product visibility and drive foot traffic, we simultaneously launched two campaigns with a similar name, but different use of influencers and campaign mechanics, aiming to boost awareness and motivate people to visit our outlets, engage in the promotional campaign, and win these collectable pouches.

For micro-influencers:

Micro-influencers (5,000 to 30,000 followers) interested in the campaign received gaming credits upon visiting a Timezone outlet, along with one of the Local Delights Collectable Pouches.

Their mission was to create engaging TikTok videos featuring:

  • Personal experiences or family moments playing favourite games at Timezone.
  • Highlights of Timezone’s latest attractions, including bowling alleys, VR games, and bumper cars.
  • A showcase of the Local Delights Collectable Pouches.

The video content must cover:

  • Details on how to participate in the promotion and secure the collectable pouches.
  • Information on the stamp issuance and redemption timeline.
  • A call to action, encouraging followers to join in and win their own collectable pouches.

Additional storytelling elements to consider:

  • Share personal memories or anecdotes about how Timezone has been a cherished part of your childhood.
  • Talk about enjoying current visits to Timezone with friends, emphasising the brand’s role in fostering social connections.

For nano-influencers:

To enhance the reach and impact of the micro-influencers' content, we engaged nano-influencers to share the videos along with specific instructions:

  • Share their thoughts in one sentence after watching the video and discovering the promotion alongside the featured products.
  • Tag two friends they'd love to visit Timezone with.
  • Motivate others to join them for a fun visit to Timezone.

Amplifying Product Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

For product awareness campaigns, the primary goal is to introduce the products, highlight their unique features, and explain how consumers can acquire them.

In our collaboration with Timezone, we strategically employed both micro and nano influencers, tapping into their unique strengths in influencer marketing, to maximise campaign impact.

These initiatives were aligned with the National Day Parade, serving as an additional draw for individuals to visit Timezone outlets. Engaging in games at these outlets not only provided entertainment but also offered the opportunity to collect stamps. Accumulating these stamps then became a pathway for participants to win exclusive collectable pouches.

We collaborated with micro-influencers on TikTok to enhance product awareness. Their ability to create engaging content helped in attracting a significant audience, thus elevating the product's visibility in a competitive marketplace.

Further amplifying the campaign's reach, nano-influencers shared the micro-influencers' TikTok videos on their Instagram Stories. This strategy leveraged the broader network of nano-influencers and benefits of cross-platforms, effectively broadening the campaign's awareness and ensuring the message reached an even larger audience.

The results

  • Impact of Micro-Influencers: Despite their smaller number, micro-influencers demonstrated high views and effectiveness in delivering content that resonates with their audience.
  • Role of Nano-Influencers: Nano-influencers are effective in reaching a broad audience.

The takeaway from this campaign

This innovative campaign with Timezone showcases the power of combining influencer marketing strategies to elevate product awareness.

By effectively leveraging both micro and nano-influencers, Timezone significantly boosted the visibility of its Limited Edition Collectable Pouches, driving foot traffic to its outlets islandwide and enhancing engagement across social media platforms.

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Bryan Koh