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Building & Increasing Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing: Yumeat's Success Story

Bryan Koh
March 12, 2024

The client

Yumeat believes plant protein offers a more responsible and sustainable option to address the food source insecurity issue, one that is healthier for humans, safer for animals, and better for the planet. As a leading food producer, Yumeat has now embarked on a mission to provide innovative meat-alternative products that have no added MSG or preservatives.

The objectives

The 6-month campaign aimed to:

  • The primary objective: Boost Yumeat's brand awareness and enhance its visibility in the market.
  • Elevate awareness of the products and its alignment with Yumeat's mission for sustainability.

What was the campaign brief?

To elevate brand awareness and visibility as our core objective, we embarked on a strategic 6-month journey with two dynamic campaigns. Each step was geared towards sparking dialogue and drawing the spotlight to Yumeat's innovative mission.

Campaign 1: The Great Yumeat Giveaway

In this two-part approach, we engaged micro-influencers (5,000 to 29,999 followers) turning them into culinary innovators tasked with creating enticing Yumeat dishes and hosting a giveaway contest on their profiles.

The giveaway was structured to encourage thoughtful participation:

  • The audience were asked to comment on how they aspire to lead a balanced lifestyle.
  • Then, they had to repost the giveaway as Instagram Stories to gain an additional chance to win, broadening the campaign's reach.

We also leveraged nano-influencers (200 to 4,999 followers), who played a pivotal role in amplifying the campaign’s message. 

They were tasked to participate in the giveaway, by resharing the micro-influencers' posts and leaving comments on the respective posts.

Campaign 2: yumeat™ Squad

The second campaign helped to solidify Yumeat's place in the hearts and minds of consumers through an ambassador programme.

The unique approach of this campaign tasked nano-influencers with purchasing Yumeat products, while micro-influencers were sponsored to create their respective content.

Each influencer was tasked with creating three Instagram Posts and three Instagram Stories showcasing their experiences with Yumeat in the duration of 3 months.

The content brief for both tiers of influencers was  curated to highlight the versatility and benefits of Yumeat. Whether through a cooking demo or a showcase of the delicious end meal, the influencers shared their personal take on incorporating Yumeat into their lives. 

The key messages woven into each piece of content revolved around:

  • Balance: Promoting a flexitarian lifestyle that offers a guilt-free middle ground, enabling consumers to enjoy the benefits of reduced meat consumption without giving it up entirely.
  • Health: Underscoring the health advantages, such as a lower risk of colorectal cancer and obesity, associated with a plant-based diet.
  • Price: Illustrating how Yumeat provides a cost-effective alternative, giving consumers more for their money.
  • Convenience: Highlighting Yumeat as the perfect solution for the modern, busy lifestyle with its simple preparation.

Building a Lasting Brand Image: Engaging Campaigns and Influencer Strategies

In the bustling marketplace of today, especially in the F&B industry with such a niche brand, establishing and maintaining a robust brand image requires more than just occasional marketing efforts; it demands a strategic, sustained approach that resonates deeply with the target audience. 

Recognising this, we meticulously planned a 6-month journey, harnessing the power of both nano and micro-influencers through two dynamic campaigns. 

We aimed to ignite meaningful conversations around the importance of balance, health, and sustainability in our diets. What better way to engage our audience than with a thought-provoking giveaway? This campaign encouraged participants to reflect on their lifestyle choices, thereby fostering a connection with Yumeat's mission.

The decision to use micro-influencers for this phase was strategic. Their ability to turn everyday meals into extraordinary culinary creations showcased the versatility of Yumeat products, while the giveaway mechanics encouraged widespread participation and dialogue. Nano-influencers amplified this message, leveraging their authentic voices to resonate with a broader audience. Their participation highlighted how resharing content and engaging in conversations through comments and Instagram Stories could rapidly extend our reach.

The second phase of our campaign introduced the yumeat™ Squad, an ambassador program designed to deepen our relationship with our audience. By engaging nano-influencers to purchase and use Yumeat products, and sponsoring micro-influencers to do the same, we ensured that the content produced was genuinely reflective of their personal experiences. This authenticity is crucial; it transforms influencers into credible advocates of the brand, their endorsements coming from a place of real appreciation and understanding of Yumeat's value.

This ambassador program was not just about immediate gains; it was about building a community of long-term consumers and advocates. It underscored the value of authentic influencer partnerships, where influencers share products they genuinely love, thus imparting their trust and credibility to their followers.

A 6-month campaign timeframe was chosen to ensure that the efforts to increase brand awareness were not fleeting but instead had the time to permeate the consciousness of our target audience. This duration allowed for the careful cultivation of brand image through sustained engagement, repeated exposure, and the reinforcement of Yumeat's key messages.

The results

  • Engagement and Reach: Campaign 1 had a much larger reach, thanks to the higher number of nano-influencers involved, which suggests that leveraging a larger pool of influencers can significantly increase a campaign's reach.
  • Views and Engagement Rate: Despite the large reach in Campaign 1, the Engagement Rate was notably higher in Campaign 2, particularly among nano-influencers. This suggests that the content or strategy used in Campaign 2 resonated better with the audience, resulting in higher engagement relative to the number of views and reach.
  • Nano & Micro-Influencers: Nano-influencers showed a remarkably high Engagement Rate in Campaign 2, highlighting their effectiveness in driving engagement. While micro-influencers had a lower Engagement Rate, they still contributed significantly to the campaign's success, indicating the importance of a diversified influencer strategy.

The takeaway from this campaign

Through engaging campaigns and strategic influencer partnerships, Yumeat has not only increased brand awareness but has also laid the foundation for a lasting brand image that resonates with values of health, sustainability, and convenience. 

This approach demonstrates a profound understanding of the power of genuine conversations and long-term engagement in shaping the perception of a brand in the hearts and minds of consumers.

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Bryan Koh