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From Instagram Reels to Real Visits: Happiness 31 Bolo Bun Drives Traffic with Low Budget

Bryan Koh
March 19, 2024

The client

Happiness 31 Bolo Bun specialises in an array of freshly baked Chinese pastries that capture the essence of Hong Kong's beloved flavours. From the iconic golden Bolo Buns to the creamy and decadent Egg Tarts, each pastry is meticulously crafted by an expert baker, ensuring authenticity and freshness in every bite.

The objectives

The campaign aimed to:

  • Increase foot traffic to the newly launched outlet at SingPost Centre.
  • Enhance awareness of their product lineup and offerings on social media.

What was the campaign brief?

In this SME campaign, selected influencers are required to step into the newly opened Happiness 31 Bolo Bun outlet at SingPost Centre. Upon their visit, these influencers will be treated to complimentary samples of the bakery's delectable offerings.

Then, the influencers are tasked with creating Instagram Reels to share their journey with their followers. The content can take various forms, including:

  • A showcase of the bakery itself, offering a first impression or review.
  • A vlog-style video that integrates the bakery's products into daily life.
  • A taste test of the free samples, sharing the sensory delight with viewers.

To enrich their Reels, influencers must incorporate voice overs or text overlays to convey:

  • Their personal favourites among the bakery's offerings and what stands out about the pastries or samples.
  • The bakery's location and how enthusiasts can find Happiness 31 Bolo Bun.

In the video captions, influencers are encouraged to:

  • Share a thoughtful review highlighting aspects such as the products' affordability, variety, convenience, or the overall experience.
  • Discuss personal moments or occasions when these baked goods would perfectly complement their lifestyle.

Moreover, influencers are to emphasise at least two of the following unique selling points that set Happiness 31 Bolo Bun apart:

  • The artistry of handmade pastries.
  • The guarantee of daily freshness.
  • The authentic touch of Hong Kong style.
  • An extensive array of delightful treats.
  • Commitment to traditional baking methods.

Leveraging Instagram Reels to Drive In-Person and Online Traffic

This campaign employed Instagram Reels as a pivotal tool to optimise visibility in both Explore and Search results on Instagram. This approach not only enhances brand awareness but also capitalises on a specific interest, who can often turn to Reels for a virtual taste of products and places, sparking curiosity and encouraging them to visit the store in person for the full experience.

Through the strategic use of Reels, we not only showcased the allure of the new store but also invited potential customers to engage with the brand in a dynamic and immersive way. This method proved to be an effective method for increasing brand visibility and encouraging in-person visits. This precision in content targeting means that our Reels could also seamlessly appear to an audience actively seeking what the brand’s offering, thus maximising our reach and impact.

We worked with nano-influencers for social proofing as they are known for their ability to spark meaningful conversations at lower costs. Their authentic sharing and endorsement of the store's opening not only provided valuable social proof but also amplified brand messages through personal, relatable narratives.

For this initiative, we continued to embrace our SME-friendly strategies, which are especially tailored for small to medium enterprises operating on tighter budgets. Our approach includes a templated plan with reduced service fees, making influencer marketing more attainable and removing barriers to targeted audience selection.

The results

Despite a small number of Partiposters, the campaign showcased the power of strategic influencer collaboration even within limited budgets:

  • Leveraging 16 nano-influencers, we achieved an impressive reach of over 164k.
  • Over 1,020 bookmarks underscore a heightened interest in exploring the services.
  • With 244 shares, we've seen a notable increase in brand visibility and awareness, demonstrating the content's virality and its ability to inspire community interaction and interest.

The takeaway from this campaign

This campaign illustrates the potent combination of strategic influencer partnerships and innovative social media content in driving both online and offline traffic for SMEs with lower budgets. 

By leveraging Instagram Reels and collaborating with nano-influencers, the campaign significantly enhanced brand visibility and demonstrated the effectiveness of authentic engagement through considerable bookmarks and shares. 

This approach underscores the value of targeted, relatable content in amplifying brand awareness and encouraging physical store visits, even within the limitations of modest marketing expenditures.

If this case study inspires you to explore the world of influencer marketing, Partipost is here to guide you through every step of your journey.

Contact us at Partipost today and start your influencer marketing journey.

Bryan Koh