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How Advertising Agencies Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing with Partipost for Goldlion

Bryan Koh
July 18, 2023

The client

Photo credits from Goldlion Singapore

Founded in 1968 by businessman Dr. the Hon. Tsang Hin Chi, G.B.M., Goldlion has become a prominent name in men's fashion. Since its inception, the brand has guided itself by a mission of diligence, integrity, and a commitment to delivering exceptional products and services. With a focus on being people-oriented and customer-centric, Goldlion has set the benchmark for men's style with its timeless slogan, "It's a New Man's World." They aim to offer their esteemed customers classic, high-quality, and tasteful fashion choices.

The objective

The objectives of the Goldlion campaign were twofold:

  • To achieve the broadest reach possible.
  • To drive the highest traffic to their physical stores.

By leveraging the power of influencer marketing, the goal was to create a buzz around the brand, attract new customers, and generate excitement that would ultimately translate into increased foot traffic and sales. The campaign sought to maximise the brand's reach and create a compelling reason for customers to visit Goldlion's physical stores and experience their exceptional men's fashion offerings firsthand.

How Partipost executes a collaborative influencer marketing campaign

When it comes to executing a highly successful influencer marketing campaign, collaboration and segmenting areas of expertise are of utmost importance. That's how Partipost helped Boomtown, a renowned advertising agency, run an influencer campaign for their client, Goldlion.

As a leading influencer marketing platform, Partipost served as the dedicated influencer marketing arm, leveraging our expertise and platform to achieve outstanding results. By seamlessly integrating influencer marketing into their overall advertising strategy, we amplified the reach and impact of Goldlion's campaign, driving impressive engagement and conversions. Our partnership with advertising agencies allows us to bring our specialised influencer marketing capabilities with their comprehensive marketing expertise, creating a powerful synergy that maximises campaign success metrics.

What was the campaign brief?

Goldlion, known for its all-male-focused brand, wanted to focus on Father's Day as the inspiration. The goal was to create an inclusive and memorable experience for both male and female participants that celebrates and honours fatherhood.

How Partiposters executed the campaign brief for Goldlion

Task 1:

Participants are to submit their interest if they met the profile requirements and could commit to the campaign timeline.

Task 2:

The next task of the campaign involved participants visiting selected Goldlion store outlets to feature the Goldlion Father's Day highlights. This task allowed influencers to physically experience the products and create captivating content that would resonate with their audience. 

Task 3:

Influencers were required to create one engaging IG Reel adhering to the brief requirements:

  • The video needed to capture clear shots of the Apparel Resort Short-sleeved shirts on the front table display and the Accessories Gift Sets shelf display.
  • It was mandatory for influencers to prominently showcase and interact with the Goldlion Father's Day highlights in the video.

Depending on their profile,

1. Male influencers were encouraged to try on the Resort Short-Sleeved Shirts to model the collection, whereas

2. Female influencers can

  • Visit the store with a male partner or friend to showcase the shirts on them.
  • Feature themselves purchasing the Goldlion Father's Day highlights for their husband or father, adding a personal touch to the content.

To cater to brands that primarily sell male products, such as Goldlion, the campaign strategy included female influencers as well. Recognising that there is generally a smaller pool of male influencers available, the campaign angled in a way that allowed female influencers to participate and promote the brand's offerings. 

By encouraging female influencers to visit the store with a male partner or friend to showcase the products or feature themselves purchasing the Father's Day highlights for their husband or father, the campaign ensured a wider reach and increased visibility for the brand among different audience segments.

The results

The results were outstanding, with all metrics performing within the industry rate and the Total Engagement Rate surpassing the industry average.

Key metrics from the Goldlion campaign in collaboration between Partipost and an advertising agencies

One of the metrics that stood out in this campaign was the impressive 34% Average Partiposter View Rate. This metric reflects the percentage of views received about the total impressions of the content. It indicates that a significant number of individuals who were exposed to the influencer's content actively engaged with it by watching the video, which is within industry average.

The takeaway from this campaign

Influencer marketing, when executed strategically and with the right partners, can yield exceptional results for brands. The collaboration between Partipost and Boomtown showcased the power of leveraging influencers and agencies to promote a brand and engage effectively with the target audience. 

By harnessing the creativity and reach of influencers, Goldlion was able to generate excitement, drive traffic to their physical stores, and increase brand awareness. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of influencer marketing and the value of collaborations that connects brands with a diverse pool of influencers.

Bryan Koh