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Our Favourites From September Campaigns

Partipost TW
October 14, 2019

I must admit, the year is going by really fast and we are already starting October!

We had some amazing campaigns and submissions from our Partiposters this month and we want to share our top 3 favourite submissions!

Our top 3 favourite submissions will WIN EXTRA CASH PAYOUT! Read on to find out if you are one of the lucky Partiposters.



Chopedeals Online

Klairs by Qoo10

Thanks for Partiposting with us in the month of September and don�??t feel disheartened if you don�??t see your picture, keep partiposting and use these submissions as inspiration!

So keep a look out on our Partipost app for more campaigns that you can do! Keep up these awesome submissions guys!

Partipost TW