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Partiposting 101: Campaign FAQs

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March 16, 2021

So you’ve joined a campaign.

And now, you’re reading this because you’ve got all sorts of questions in your mind. From payouts to campaign approvals and submission deadlines, here are the answers you need.

Why is my payout delayed?


Payouts are typically credited into your Partipost wallet after the campaign ends. Should there be a delay, you can be sure that our team is working closely with the brand to send the money across asap.

Note: Additional payouts will be reflected in the Partipost app once your payout is processed.

When the payout is in, you’ll be notified via email and the Partipost app. If you’ve not received it even after the campaign ends, do inform us at

Campaigns I’ve joined are no longer on the “Campaigns” tab. Where can I find them?


When campaign submissions close, the campaign is removed from the main page. To view all the campaigns you’ve joined, tap the “Partiposts” tab. Under the same tab, you’ll find the status of your campaign and a breakdown of your payout too.

Can I get more time to prepare for campaign submissions?


To be fair to everyone, campaign deadlines are strictly fixed.

Submission deadlines are only extended when the following scenarios occur:

Stock issues (e.g. Products are temporarily out of stock)

Changes in the campaign mechanics

Delays in product delivery

Availability of slots

How do I check the status of a campaign submission?


You’ll find a list of campaigns you’ve joined and an overview of each campaign status under the “Partiposts” tab on your app.

Tap “View Tasks” or “View Payout Breakdown” to access details such as:

Remaining campaign budget

Breakdown of payout

Expected payout deadline

What do the dates on the Tasks overview page mean?


Not to be confused with when brands review submissions, the dates on the Tasks overview page refer to the period we’re accepting submissions for a particular campaign.

For instance, the time frame for the first task as seen above is 1 March to 24 March. This simply means that the last day to buy the product and submit your receipt proof is 24 March. It doesn’t mean you’ll get an update on your campaign submission by 24 March.

Please refer to the next point below for updates on approvals.

Why is my campaign submission still pending?


Approvals are typically done by brands unless stated otherwise. Do give them at least 7 working days to review submissions. Some brands require a longer time as reviews are done in batches but rest assured, our team sends them constant reminders!

TIP: For the latest update on a campaign, turn on notifications for the Partipost app – we release push notifications every now and then. Check your app and email frequently too so you’re all caught up.

With that, we hope you now have a better idea of what to expect while partiposting. If you have a burning question we have yet to address, please write in to us at and follow us on Instagram for more tips.

This article will be updated periodically so be sure to check back!

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