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Running Crowd Influencer Marketing Campaigns Amid A Pandemic

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April 27, 2020

Consumer behaviour has changed radically and brands are forced to adapt spontaneously. Staying relevant and turning to alternate ways of generating income - that’s how local brands are coping with the new normal. With online activity at its peak, the digital space has become saturated. Below are some crowd influencer marketing campaigns that you can run with Partipost, especially during this COVID-19 period.

Campaigns to run amid COVID-19 

Influencers can be categorized into 4 tiers and further grouped by their demographics. A study revealed that different generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials/Gen Z) cope with the virus differently, and their expectations of companies during this period vary starkly. As such, some campaigns are better suited for a certain group of influencers than others.

Purchase-required campaigns

With stricter measures in play, influencers are spending more time indoors. If your campaign features a product, ensure that the item can be easily obtained via delivery or self-collection. We recommend offering discounts to reach Baby Boomers, especially if purchase is required. Our recent campaign with A-One was a success across all generations as it fulfilled this checklist and increased the brand’s intended promotional usage by 40%.

Brand awareness campaigns

Staying in means limited content creation capabilities. Brands should therefore get creative and ensure that their campaigns can be conveniently executed from home. To paint a better picture, our recent campaigns revolve around sharing throwback photos and re-posting of branded IG story templates. The angle should be relevant to the current situation. For our Decathlon campaign, influencers shared how the brand helped them stay in shape while at home due to the circuit breaker measures. That said, content creation is not for everyone. Gen X and Millennials/Gen Z are generally more receptive to content creation campaigns amid COVID-19 as they expect brands to keep them busy.

Feel-good campaigns

At 27%, Millennials/Gen Z came up tops when it came to contributing to a brand’s response during this crisis. This is your golden ticket to run feel-good campaigns because it comes with benefits in tow. According to a survey, helping others reap psychological benefits such as increased happiness, cope with the lockdown and reduced stress levels. Riding on this, we supported Circles.Life’s #HelloNeighbour Challenge where influencers send words of encouragement to their neighbours. Amid the negativity, such campaigns boost morale and encourage community support. Content creation for these campaigns are relatively easy too.

Goodwill campaigns

As the name suggests, such campaigns entail zero payout and are purely motivated by an influencer’s need to help other others selflessly. Going back to the study conducted, the majority of the Baby Boomers (58%) and Gen X (27%) revealed that they expect brands to respond to and acknowledge the outbreak. On the flip side, Millennials/Gen Z require hands-on approaches - for brands to help them contribute directly to a cause. 

Brands can go about this by offering resources like money or products within their means to support and raise awareness of a good cause. Earlier this year, we ran an Instagram share campaign and donated money on behalf of our users to Australia’s Red Cross to aid the bush fire fight. Fuelled by the need to help, this campaign was well-received by our base of influencers and their followers. Goodwill campaigns are thus great for strengthening your relationship with influencers and the public. It can boost brand awareness as well.

How we can help you

Running an influencer marketing campaign is not easy; it involves a good amount of knowledge, time, money and effort. And not all brands are lucky enough to have all 4 resources now. If you’re struggling with any of these, we would like to offer our assistance.

Upon kick-starting our partnership, you’ll have access to our capabilities - more than 23,000 influencers from different tiers, a seamless mobile application and a user-friendly back-end system for you to track submissions. After sharing your objectives with us, Partipost will create, execute and oversee campaigns for you. We can even run polls to gather interest for a campaign before launching it. We’ll also send a post-campaign report your way to conclude each campaign. With our automated system and expertise, you now have more time to focus on more pressing tasks.

Did we pique your interest? Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation now to uncover how influencer marketing can propel you further.

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