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The IG Reels Advantage: Skyrocketing View Rates in Influencer Marketing

Bryan Koh
August 17, 2023

The client

Kraft Heinz is a leading global F&B product manufacturing household name with the prestigious rank of the 5th largest producer worldwide. Renowned for its dedication to crafting high-quality food and placing customer satisfaction at the forefront, Kraft Heinz's commitment shines through with each product they develop. Heinz, maker of ketchup and BBQ condiments, celebrated its 150 years of operation in 2019.

Heinz, maker of ketchup and BBQ condiments, celebrated its 150 years of operation in 2019.

The objectives

There were three objectives to achieve in the Heinz campaign:

  • Create authentic user-generated content with interesting mechanics
  • Achieve and sustain a Top-of-mind awareness of the brand
  • Drive traffic to e-commerce of Fairprice online

Heinz was a client of SMS Dome, an agency that collaborated with us to launch the campaign. This collaboration emphasised their commitment to strategically harness influencer marketing to amplify their client, Heinz’s, reach and engagement, effectively leveraging our experiences setting a budget and working with influencers. 

The campaign's focal point was IG Reels, chosen as the prime channel for their influencer marketing endeavours.

Why we decided to use IG Reels as the main influencer marketing channel

The decision to make IG Reels the prime influencer marketing channel for promoting Heinz Chicken Broth is due to its dynamic visual format and unparalleled engagement potential. As IG Reels is considered the "in-trend" amongst Singaporeans, we recognised the opportunity to capture our audience's short attention span while conveying the essence of Heinz's product.

The feature's rapid rise in popularity among diverse demographics also aligned seamlessly with our campaign's target audience. Its immersive, short-form video content allowed the influencers to deliver engaging, concise messages that showcased the versatility and flavour of Heinz Chicken Broth to their friends and family. This was further amplified by the fact that Chicken Broth is a staple in cooking, and as cooking videos tend to perform exceptionally well on IG Reels, it served as an ideal channel for the campaign.

We also leveraged on nano-influencers as the most suitable tier of influencers to meet the client's objectives. Typically with 200 to 4,999 followers on Instagram, nano-influencers have unique traits such as authenticity and relatability, which makes them attractive for brands like Heinz to connect with a specific niche or community.

What was the campaign brief?

The influencers were required to purchase 1 Heinz Chicken Broth and share about it through an IG Reel. 

As a crucial element of the campaign brief, using IG Reels stems from its remarkable ability to provide the influencers with a dynamic and enjoyable platform for engagement. By tapping into these creative content ideas, influencers can captivate their audience's attention and establish a connection beyond mere promotion. This interactive approach fosters a sense of authenticity and relatability, allowing influencers to showcase their personalities while building trust with their followers. 

The type of IG Reels that the nano-influencers created for Heinz Chicken Broth

For example, in the video:

  • Share that they are participating in a cooking or tasting challenge.
  • Showcase that they are cooking the same dish using two different chicken broths, one of them being Heinz Chicken Broth and without displaying the brand and packaging of the other one.
  • Conduct an impression and taste test of the final dishes and share what they liked about Heinz Chicken Broth.

In the caption:

  • Write a shoutout that Heinz Chicken Broth is having a banded-back promotion.
  • State the product is available islandwide at all major supermarkets and online retailers.
  • Share the benefits of the chicken broth and its origin.

Providing clear and concise instructions to the influencers is crucial for effective engagement and delivery of the brand's message. These instructions serve as a roadmap that aligns the influencers' content with the brand's objectives. 

When executed accurately, it increases product awareness and resonates better with the audience. Clear instructions help influencers understand the key points to emphasise, leading to a more cohesive and impactful campaign. As a result, the audience receives a consistent and compelling message about the product, which, in turn, can boost the brand's credibility and foster trust.

The results

The results from the campaign

The campaign achieved its anticipated goals with resounding success as we not only hit the proposed numbers but achieved time two times fold in some instances like the cumulative reach soaring to an exceptional 200,000 plus individuals and garnering over 40,000 views collectively.

We also achieved success in terms of the Total Campaign Engagement and View Rate, both within the industry average. 

The takeaway from this campaign

The significance of providing clear and concise instructions to influencers becomes even more apparent in the context of IG Reels. This platform thrives on consistency, presenting the perfect opportunity to create a lasting impression. When viewers encounter a consistent message across the board, it solidifies the brand's identity and message in their minds. This consistency not only captures attention, but also reinforces the product's key features and benefits, making it more likely to stick in viewers' memories. 

Consequently, IG Reels' capacity to convey a cohesive narrative amplifies the effectiveness of the campaign, bolstering product awareness and leaving a powerful, long-lasting impact.

Bryan Koh