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Why You Should Bring Your Best-Tea To The Bubble Tea Factory

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October 29, 2019

What�??s chewy, sweet and bound to turn any Singaporean�??s frown upside down? If you guessed bubble tea, you are absolutely right! Regardless of the health concerns, bubble tea has been and will always be the go-to drink for the majority of Singaporeans.

At Partipost, we take our bubble tea fix very seriously. That is why we were THRILLED to attend the media event hosted by The Bubble Tea Factory (TBTF)! If you�??re still undecided on attending Singapore�??s first ever bubble tea-themed event at *SCAPE which runs daily from now till 18 December 2019, perhaps this article is the push you needed all along. Without further ado, here�??s what you can expect!

First off, Registration

As you make your way to *SCAPE Underground from the entrance near McDonald�??s, you�??ll find that the sheltered walkway is decked in a myriad of pastel colors, making for a Insta-worthy time-lapse video.

Upon entering The Bubble Tea Factory, register with the friendly staff to receive a Boba booster pack containing a map and some game cards.

To ensure a great experience for everyone, attendees will be given a queue number and will enter in batches. While waiting for your turn, have a look at their range of merchandise created specially for the event. My personal favorite has got to be the Bubble Tea Tumbler aka Bumbler because you can do your part in reducing plastic waste, without reducing your boba intake! *wink*

Welcome to the Boba-Verse

Alas, your long-awaited bubble tea journey begins! Bubbly employees will introduce you to their world at The Factory, where a large machine works 24/7 to produce taro pearls. This marks the start of your TBTF documentation on IG story!

As you walk through the Enchanted Forest which is decorated with lights to mimic trees and little stars on the ceiling, you�??ll find yourself at the entrance of Blue Coral Utapioca.

This room is every pastel lover�??s dream come true. The perfect blend of white, blue, green, pink and purple makes for the perfect IG shot. Escape reali-tea and be faced with inverted cups of bubble tea made for giants. I wouldn�??t be surprised if the cups are as tall as Yao Ming!

The unspeakable Secret

Let the fun begin in 3...2.. Crawl through the tunnel and you�??ll find yourself at the Wrap Zone with strings of metallic ball beads hanging from the ceiling. There�??s a photo spot here too!

Image: veeeyeo

To make your visit an unforgettable one, TBTF has a surprise in store for you - speakeasy style. Keep your eyes peeled or you�??ll regret it! Before embarking on your quest for the mystery room, make it past the green curtain and you�??ll arrive at my all-time favorite room - Boba Ballin�??! It is one of the hot spots to take photos and mirrors a luxurious washroom with a golden bathtub and toilet bowl filled with Boba Bae currency. If you don�??t have the money and space to literally make it rain money, this is it, my friend.

Regardless of your pose, your photo is guaranteed to turn out well because of the A interior. Tip: Get a slow-motion video of yourself splashing the cash and be blown away by your masterpiece.

Once that�??s done, look around the room for your entrance to the Secret room! We aren�??t giving any spoilers but here�??s what you�??ll be rewarded with:

Image: charlottelum

Go crazy at the Boba Lab

Get in touch with your senses at the mini rooms located within the Boba Lab! This is the place to get your long overdue Boba-jection, swing by Taro-bly Wreck, and experience what it feels to be a pearl in the XXL BBT. P.S. avoid wearing skirts and dresses if you hope to unleash your inner Miley!

Tired from bouncing around? Whip out the Power Up cards from your Boba booster pack to redeem a bubble tea-flavored snack! Can you guess what it is? Hint: it�??s fluffy yet crispy at times. Now that your tummy is happy, put your nose to the test at Smells like Tea Spirit. Find out if you can identify the smell of your favorite tea!

The highly anticipated: Pearl-duction Line

Search the official hashtag, #tbtfsg on Instagram and you�??ll see that almost half of the photos uploaded are taken at the Pearl Pit. With a large pool of pastel purple balls, and a gorgeous neon backdrop, the Pearl Pit is a crowd favorite for a reason. If you miss out on a photo here, were you even at TBTF?!

Image: naomineo

Are you Grumpy, Joyful or YOLO? After visiting the Pearl Pit, head over to the Pearlsonality Chamber to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Open the right door and you�??ll be faced with a whirlwind of confetti! There are controls to adjust the speed of the wind among a few other things to ensure you and your friends get THE shot of your dreams. Tip: snap a photo of yourself blowing confetti towards the camera or get your friends to throw it at you!

Image: fiqqyyy

Thereafter, proceed to Ode to My pearl, where you�??ll find Boba Bae patiently waiting to ride the see-saw with you!

Struggling to lift Boba Bae? Sip on your free cup of bubble tea, which can be redeemed with your trusty Power up cards! P.S. look out for cool facts about bubble tea plastered on the wall while waiting for your boba fix!

Take a trip to the Milk-Tea Way

To end your boba adventure with a bang, head over to the Tea Terminal to board the exclusive Air BBT and be transported to the Milk-Tea way! To ensure a pleasant flight, sit back, relax, and enjoy your boba champagne. Remember to keep your window shade up at all times to get a glimpse of Boba Bae�??s hometown!

Image: novitalam

Upon arriving back on Earth, disembark the plane in an orderly fashion and you�??ll be greeted by the Happiness Wall. Feel free to leave a message and share what happiness means to you, or your best bubble tea joke! If you�??re a sentimental person, there�??s a Polaroid printing station here too. Simply upload your photo with the official hashtag #tbtfsg and voilà!

With that, it�??s time to say goodbye. If you�??d like to bring a piece of TBTF home, it�??s your last chance to purchase their cute merchandise at the exit!

The Bubble Tea Factory is open from now until 18 December 2019 with tickets available at approximately $24 to $28 each. Spent all your money on bubble tea and tight on cash? How does winning a free pair of tickets to TBTF sound?


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